Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tighty Whities

Boxers vs Briefs
Marky and his briefs
Beckham in White
Zac Showing Off
That Coppertone Moment
What more could whities want?


Denis Sergovskiy and then there was Muscle

Gay Shower Scene

The Laundry Boy

If you have ever had trouble doing your laundry,
I suggest getting a little helping hand...
Too good for words.  We all get dirty and need a little washing up...

Butts of the Day!

Wall Butt
Couch Butt
Butt Jump
Floor Butt

Beach Butt

Just My Butt
Butt Exposed

Butt Bent
Butt and Water

Jakub Stefano gets wet under cold shower

Jakub Stefano - Relaxing in the Sun

Long Live Chippendales in the Netherlands!

How to make Housekeeping Fun!

Ever wonder how you could spice
up your domestic chores?  Here is
an idea which appeals to me, if
only he could wear a little less!

Jordan R Legault - Model

Fall into the Eyes!
Expressive Face

Man of the Day - 28 August 10

MOD by the river
MOD on the Couch

Have seen this one under numerous names and numerous times
on the web and still find him to be to one of the more perfect
specimens of the male anatomy.  Beautiful face, bedroom eyes,
smooth abs, 6 pack at least and wonderful sensitive nipples.
Worthy to be a, "Man of Every Day!"


This is one of those pictures that is just
too good for words.  Love the hat and that
is a butt crack to be proud of!

Flexing my abs

Work Those Abs! YEAH!!!

Yum Yums

Super Video of Young Men Modeling

Malibu Photo Shoot

Ah! For life on the beach!


Me Next, Please!


Angel in Pink
Angel Ascending
Ryan Angel
Condo Angel
Young Angel

Washboard Abs That Could Be Used For Washing

Washboard abs in black.

Checking the abs for washing

Young washboard abs in training.

Washboard abs on the beach.

Washboard abs in the tropics.

Washboard abs with tousled hair!

Washboard abs in jeans!

Washboard abs on a couch.

Washboard abs with pierced nips.  Fun, Fun, Fun!

Washboard abs lounging in a car.